INFINITI has always been a brand driven by innovation, ideas and a deep belief in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. Based on a vision for new possibilities, the INFINITI brand was formed in 1989 — disrupting the global luxury automotive industry with sophisticated technology and design. Today, we are proud to be the only automotive company to be globally headquartered in Hong Kong — a city that, like INFINITI, embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.

Discover our Concept Cars


INFINITI’s concept cars are about more than just a vehicle. The Q80 Inspiration, the highest portfolio entry, demonstrates INFINITI’s confidence in disrupting the premium sedan category. Its name indicates a production intent, suggesting a future design language, ingenious technologies and the brand’s ambition to launch into a challenging segment with impact. By displaying the Q80 at the LAB, INFINITI is showcasing its deep belief in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to further inspire and empower the community to turn ideas into action.